The skiers miss out on a podium finish in the team pursuit in Calgary

Dutch skiers finished fourth in the team pursuit at the World Cup in Calgary. The trio of Rena Anima, Marejki Gronod and Erin Schouten were well beaten by Canada. Japan ranked second and the United States ranked third.

Holland was immediately a little behind the Canadian. Ivany Blondin, Valerie Malte, and Isabelle Weidmann. Skiers can no longer make up this margin in racing. The Canadian regular trio ran further and won in 2:54.57. The Netherlands, where Antoinette Rebma de Jong had previously dropped out and Joy Byun could not lead either, conceded too much with a 3:00.53.

At the first World Cup in Stavanger, the Netherlands finished second behind Canada with Rebma de Jong, Groenaud and Schotten. Then the trio was only 0.48 seconds behind.

The skaters didn’t get the sixth place the day before with an inexperienced triple.

National coach Reintje Rietsma faced sick skiers and cancellations. “Originally we were going to go with Joy, but she called in sick. I find it difficult to explain if you still drive 1,500 metres, but the doctor has examined it and will make the decision,” Ritsma told NOS. “Now we’re lacking the strength we had in Stavanger. These parts are still tough. If the skiers pull out, it’ll go down right away.”

Source: National Ports Agency

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