The SLM delegation is in talks with Curaçao’s tourism sector and government authorities

Surinam Air’s carrier, Surinamese Airlines, has been holding talks with Curaçao’s tourism sector and government authorities. The company from Suriname released the following report on this:

Surinam Airways is launching its own fleet in the course of further recovery; Expand this and add new destinations and resources to increase production. This endeavor led to a visit to the island of Curaçao with which Suriname Airlines has maintained a historic relationship for almost thirty years. Curaçao is seen as a strategic partner and destination for the implementation of Surinamese Airlines (SA) growth strategy.

The Surinamese Airlines delegation consisted of Acting Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Güneş, Coordinator for Corporate Planning/Commercial Affairs, Angela Landbrugh and CEO, Ganeesh Leijseng. The visit was four-track in nature, with the Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA), Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) and local travel agents visiting on the first day.

During this visit, the focus was on obtaining freedom rights from Curaçao, where discussions were held and the extent to which Suriname Airlines’ growth strategy could contribute to the development of Curaçao. The parties have been excited about how they can support each other and cooperation will be intensified.

The scoop on the second day of this mission was the reception of the Surinamese Airlines delegation by the Prime Minister of Curaçao, His Excellency Mr. Gilmar Pesas, and his Cabinet, which also consisted of the Minister of Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning, His Excellency Mr. Charles Cooper and the Minister of Economic Development, His Excellency Mr. Ruisandro Cijntje . also present; Director of the Ministry of Transport, Traffic and Transport Sector, Ms. Giselle Hollander and Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Curaçao, Mr. Peter Steinmetz, Ms. Christa Zwifferlohn, Consul General in Curaçao, and Ms. Roxen Albertina, Spokesperson for the Prime Minister.

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During this visit to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, the Surinamese Airlines delegation gave a ‘company profile’ while at the same time discussing the growth strategy. The response to that has been very positive. The two sides support deepening cooperation and further discussions were held in this context on potential strategic development directions.

The first direction of development is flying a number of destinations from Curaçao. Freedom Rights will be reviewed in this context to ensure that Surinamese Airlines from Suriname is able to add a number of new destinations to the existing route network via Curaçao.

Among other things, the routes between Curaçao and Miami are discussed; Curaçao Santo Domingo and Curaçao Port-au-Prince, with Suriname Airlines indicating that it will address this in stages. A gradual approach will be all about staying in the recovery phase and thus not being able to do too much at once. People were also very excited about the Paramaribo – Curaçao – Amsterdam route.

In this first phase of renewed cooperation with the country of Curaçao, it was decided to sign a Memorandum of Understanding for the PBM-CUR-MIA route in anticipation of amending the bilateral agreement. This MoU will be signed in the foreseeable future.

During this fruitful mission, other growth potentials were identified which will be implemented in phases. Surinam Airlines will do its best to strengthen and strengthen relations. The foundation has been laid with all stakeholders to ensure that the potential of Curaçao, Suriname and Suriname Airlines is not left untapped.

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