The Smets Brothers in Handball play 50 international matches | 1 Limburg

Handball players Jorn and Kai Smets both play their 50th international match against Slovenia.

The fact that the two brothers from two generations are celebrating their jubilees at exactly the same time is special given the five-year age difference.

Only with orange
Gorn is the eldest of the two at 28 years old. When Kai came to the Dutch national team for the first time, he was able to count on his brother. That moment was also the first time they had played together on one team. They both started out at V&L Geleen Club. They never played together there because they were put in a different class due to the age difference.

They are not together in one room
With orange they are regularly together in the masonry row. However, they don’t share the dorm room at boot camp outside: “No, it’s not necessary for me. I’ve seen it at home for Christmas, that’s enough for a while. It’s also nice to be in the room with someone other than your brother,” “Jorn Smits says to L1.

Inger Smits
The brothers hail from an athletic family. Their sister Inger Smits is a staple in the selection of the Dutch women’s handball team. She became the world champion with Orange Women in Japan in December 2019. But in order to become a buyer of bacon at the family table, quite a few international matches have to be added. “My mother has played 104 caps. Let that be the next goal,” concludes Kay Smits.

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