The SpaceX Inspiration4 video shows a beautiful scene and a strange veil

You may never go into space on your own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend…

SpaceX’s Inspiration4, the world’s first civilian spaceflight, landed five days ago Safe on Earth again After a successful mission that lasted three days. We’ve already been treated to some amazing official photos while the crew is in orbit, but since they landed, they’ve also been steadily posting more photos to their social media pages.

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Watch the special video below, provided by Mission Leader Jared Isakman, founder of Shift4 Payments who funded Inspiration 4.

Filmed through the spaceship’s dome, the transparent view dome that was specifically added to the Crew Dragon in place of the pier portal.

Kudos to Isaacman for bringing the Xenomorph from Alien into space, although he concludes that it probably wasn’t worth it in the end.

This isn’t the only video shared. Isaac on board the Inspiration4 was accompanied by three others Crew membersAssistant Physician Hayley Arsenault, Flight Engineer and Air Force Expert Christopher Sembrowski, and Geologist Dr. Obviously, Sian Proctor and all of them have been making good use of their smartphones while in orbit.

Here is the moment when Dr. Proctor photographed how they first opened the dome hatch. You can literally see the awe on their faces as they stare at the ground.

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Here’s a great 360-degree view through the Arceneaux Dome.

Sembrowski also captured some great shots, including an aerial view of Australia and some spiraling storms above ground.

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Oh, in case you were wondering, alien was not the only game that got into space. Sembrowski also got Funko Pop which resulted in a donation from Funko to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital (St Jude’s was beneficiary the mission).

More information about the mission can be found at Inspiration4 official website, and all Official photos can be seen on Flickr.

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