The Spanish monarch announces his ability to increase the transparency of the royal family | Instagram

Spanish King Felipe VI owns 2.6 million euros. The Spanish royal palace announced this, now that the socialist government is working on measures to enhance the “transparency” of the royal family.

The Spanish monarchy is under heavy pressure after a case of bribery by former King Juan Carlos, father of Philip VI. The latter wants to distance himself from the case. In March 2020, for example, he withdrew his father’s annual allowance of nearly €200,000 and announced that he would give up his inheritance.

Today, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will approve a new decree to enhance the “transparency, accountability and efficiency” of the Spanish royal family.

Felipe VI goes one step further and now reveals how much money he has. And the royal palace announced in its statement that “His Majesty the King, guided by the spirit of service and civic participation, today transcends his constitutional responsibilities by making the personal decision to disclose his property.”

The bulk of the king’s fortune, about 2.3 million euros, is made up of deposits in savings accounts from his earnings over the past 25 years, first as a prince and then, since 2014, as king, the palace said. The rest is artwork and jewelry.

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