The Spoorzone Zwijsen parking garage will open on May 1

The new Spoorzone Zwijsen car park opens on Monday 1 May. Residents, business and visitors of the Spoorzone can then use the new parking garage.

The new parking garage is close to the station and is located on the west side of the Spoorzone. There is space for 730 cars in the Spoorzone Zwijsen car park. In addition, there is a free managed public bike shed in the garage. There is room for about 228 bicycles and 65 scooters. The new garage also has 150 spaces where cars can be charged.

Smart and innovative circular

Spoorzone Zwijsen car park is an innovative, circular and multi-functional building. There are solar panels on the roof and the roof is covered with plants. The garage has been nominated for a Benelux Award

Railway growth zone

Spoorzone Tilburg will continue to grow in the coming years. Offices and a hotel will be built around the garage. There will also be more space in the rest of the area for living, learning and recreation. More garages are being built to make room for all future residents and visitors. In addition, there is an increasing supply of bicycles, scooters, and shared cars. Vehicle sharing is flexible, sustainable and requires less space in a crowded city centre. More information on the “Parking” page on this site.

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