The State Council knocks on Amstelveen’s fingers: There is room for an Islamic primary school

Amstelveen should not prevent access to an Islamic primary school. The State Council decided this morning in a case brought by the municipality, after a disagreement with the Minister of Education Slope and the Islamic Education Foundation North Holland.

It all started with a request from the Nord Holland Islamic Education Foundation, SIO in short. The Foundation wants to establish an Islamic primary school in Amstelveen. To be eligible for funding, the institution must be included in the Schools Plan 2020-2022. One of the conditions is that the school will eventually meet the foundation standard of 290 students.

Amstelveen municipality is doubtful whether the school will achieve this number based on the number of residents and the composition of the population. According to SIO, the student body of 290 is realistic. The institution is based on a city similar in its view, Maastricht, which also has an Islamic primary school. The municipality believes the two cities cannot be compared and ultimately rejected the SIO’s request, in a council decision in 2019.

Minister of Support

However, the SIO received support from Education Secretary Slope, who ignored a city council decision based on the Elementary Education Act. According to Slopp, Amstelveen and Maastricht are somewhat comparable. State Council gives in Rule The minister is right.

Final Judgment of the State Council:

The conclusion is that the Minister can take the reasonable position that Amstelveen and Maastricht are sufficiently similar in relevant aspects, that the interest rate of Islamic primary education in Maastricht can be used to diagnose the desired Islamic primary school in Amstelveen.

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On the basis of this, the Minister was able to consider it reasonable that the Islamic primary school required by the SIO would be attended by at least the legally required number of pupils. In light of Article 80, second paragraph, of the Wpo, this means that the Minister has rightly determined that the Islamic Primary School required by the SIO shall be eligible for funding through the following School Scheme.

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