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Residents of the American town of Carson (California) have been suffering for weeks from the bad smell. The smell from the nearby Dominguez Canal was described as “the smell of corpses”.

Carson City Council declared a state of emergency. But frustrated residents say it takes a long time to fix a problem that is more than a nuisance. The stench is so unbearable that it makes them physically unwell. The smell is said to have arisen because decomposing plants release hydrogen sulfide gas into the Dominguez Channel, a river over 25 kilometers long.

physically ill

Lixia Livingston, who lives in Carson, first smelled the scent when she took her son to soccer practice. “It was like the smell of a rotten egg, horrible and very strong,” said Livingston. Watchman. “I thought, my God, something had happened.”

Anna Minnie, a resident of the city, says that it is not just an unpleasant smell, but the problems are much more serious. “The smell does not make you physically ill, with headaches, breathing problems, and rashes.”


The US authorities are working to find a solution to the problem. Gas levels will already be lower. Oxygen is injected into the canal water, which is a deodorizer to reduce bad smell.

Since then more than 1,300 Carson residents have moved into hotel rooms. Mani says hundreds of other people have left the area at their own expense. But she still had symptoms. “My voice is a bit like a frog and my breathing is abnormal,” she says.

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dissatisfied citizens

The problem has been going on for weeks. Local officials say they were first informed of the foul odor on October 7. They now say that actions taken against the stench are helping. “We’re seeing a downward trend in hydrogen sulfide causing this smell.”

However, the population is not satisfied with these words. They are angry because they do not get clear answers. “But it does reduce the smell.” For example, they are worried about living next to a toxic landfill. “If you remove the smell, it is still toxic.”

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