The Stichtse Vecht in Maarssen will provide an additional space for 100 Ukrainians from July currently

As of July 1, the Planetenbaan office building will accommodate 16 eighty displaced Ukrainians. The municipality of Stichtse Vecht, in cooperation with Stenia Beheer, will make this empty building suitable for refugees in the coming weeks.

In addition to the rooms, the site also provides space for common areas. Adjustments still need to be made to meet safety requirements and the necessary facilities will also be installed in the coming weeks.

The reception site in Dornberg will also open its doors on 1 July at the latest. There is room for twenty refugees. The opening of this site took longer than planned because, among other things, the building’s electricity supply had to be renewed.

Stichtse Vecht is also currently providing other vacant municipal properties to accommodate the displaced. The policy of the anti-squat houses is to provide for the reception of Ukrainian refugees when the current residents leave. For example, a house in Loenersloot he once inhabited is now being squatted against to receive six Ukrainians. There will also be a house in Breukelen on municipal ownership.

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