“The sun rises on Thursdays, and the sun also rises on weekends”

The sun will get a lot of space in the coming days. According to OOG weather worker Johan Kamphuis, the depressions will begin the attack after the end of the week, but these attacks will likely not work.

“On Thursday, sunny periods and cloud fields alternate,” Kamphuis says. It will remain dry and the temperature will be 13 degrees with a relatively moderate to strong southerly wind, and wind strength 3 to 5. Friday begins with clouds, but in the afternoon, the sun is expanding more and more. It will remain dry and its temperature will be 13 degrees with moderate southwesterly winds, wind strength 3-4″.

“On Saturday the weather will be sunny autumn. The wind is southeasterly weak or moderate, the strength of the wind is 2 to 3, and the temperature is 11 or 12 degrees. At night from Saturday to Sunday the minimum temperature is about 3 or 4 degrees and the local frost is on Earth. Sunday can be a bit foggy or with a bank of mist here and there. Moreover, there is a lot of sun and a few veiling clouds pass over it. It will stay dry and the temperature will be 12 degrees.”

“After the weekend, depressions began in the ocean. However, the area of ​​high pressure over central Europe is strengthening and receiving assistance from Scandinavia. This causes the attack to fail initially. The sun continues to shine regularly and during the beginning of the week it will be dry as temperatures drop. Gradually and somewhat increasing easterly winds.”

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More information about the weather It can be found on this page.

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