The Surinamese delegation is making a joint trip to the United States

From April 19, a delegation from Suriname will make a joint trip to the United States. Discussions will take place with the United States Congress, The State Department and the U.S. Treasury. Discussions with the following organizations are on the agenda; International Monetary Fund, World Bank, IDP, The OAS and The Pan-American Health Organization.

In addition, the government delegation will provide presentations on the potential for future investment in Suriname.

After this round, the delegation will leave for Houston, where it will discuss with oil companies and investors the necessary arrangements for the moment when the first oil reserves are cleared from the ground. An important note here is that Suriname is slightly behind the table in terms of beach site and local content.

The delegation will continue on its way to Miami, where it will hold talks with international gold firm Newmont NV and other foreign investors.

The delegation includes Minister Albert Ramdin (Foreign Affairs), David Abhiamofo (Natural Resources) and Armond Achchaipersing (Finance and Planning). Mr. Annand Jakesar – Executive Director of Statsolimatsappiz Suriname and Mr. Karel Ekhorst is also part of the group, according to the Suriname Communications Service.

This one Surinamese Investors Roadshow Bringing the delegation back to Suriname on May 1st.

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