The SWEEP Working Group is arguing in favor of a variant on the energy label


Anyone who wants to buy a home can see at a glance how energy efficient the home is at Funda. It has been labeled. Boxtel (Sowib)’s growing Working Together group would like a similar name, but it shows just how convenient the house is for seniors.

There is still no such obvious naming that everyone can understand, as Jack Nuwens knows. He is a member of SOIB. Nouwens: We advocate a document that immediately shows how suitable the house is for the elderly.” The famous energy label indicates with a letter how to insulate and the like in the house and what improvements are possible. Nouwens: ,, You can count on such a system on three criteria: possibility Access, patency, and convenience for care. The apartment can be spacious and fully equipped, if it is on the first or second floor and there is no elevator, it is not a good option for older people with less mobility.”

If the accessibility is OK, an important hurdle has been taken. But if the driveway is too narrow for pedestrians, there are high thresholds all around and the wheelchair can’t turn, there is no way for the elderly in the house to pass through. Nouwens: And, finally, the inside is also important. Do people have to shower in the bathroom or do they have a comfortable and safe walk-in shower with room for a chair? If there are rails next to the toilet, is that big enough. Is there room for a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor or for an elevator? Is the height of the sink and stove still appropriate? A full examination is necessary to determine to what extent the home is functional and safe for the elderly.”

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Nouwens doesn’t know if the intended label will actually appear. However, Swaib recommends that the Municipality of Boxtel in the lead up to the vision of the new housing it is working on. It will be ready this year, if all goes according to plan. If Boxtel wanted to start with our idea, I think it would be better in a broader context. There is a lot of work for the municipality.”

The working group wants this sign of quality because seniors looking for a (different) home can instantly tell which home is right for them, or what still needs to be done. It also provides homeowners with insight into what it takes to survive in their tiny home, even if everyday things no longer run smoothly and stumbles occur. Nuwens: “It is better for people over 65 to check in time whether they will continue to skip the bathroom edge to wash up in twenty years, when age comes with deficiencies. You don’t just come to a nursing home, care is increasingly done At home. This trend will only continue.”

De Boxtelaar suspects that new construction for the elderly cannot meet housing needs. “Too little and too slow for this target group is being built here. In addition, not every elderly person wants to move. Just think: their homes are often almost paid off, and when they move, they are tied up in a mortgage again and often lose out in terms of space “. Not to mention the social aspect. “We need to focus primarily on existing homes and making them suitable for care where possible.”

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