The talented young baseball player from Vianen is famous in the United States

Vianin Julian Reeb of Vianen and his team won two European Championships in six weeks. This will be the cause of a truly popular football fest. But Julian plays baseball and this sport is not given much attention in the Netherlands. Today, 23-year-old Fiennes has been put in the spotlight in a modest fashion.

He just got back from Mexico a week ago and has been resting his body for two weeks now. He says there is an urgent need for this. Not surprisingly, because Julian Reeb achieved a special athletic performance in six weeks. He and his team won the European Under-23 Championship in Verona, Italy.

Less than a month later, in Turin, he won his second European title at the Orange Pick. A day later, he returned to Mexico to participate in the world championship with the youth team and achieve tenth place.

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So it’s no shame that the talented baseball player from Vianen did nothing for two weeks. “Although it will start to itch again,” he says with a laugh. He usually trains every day to cement his position as a defensive player on the field. At a young age he could not choose. He loved to play hockey at MHC in Vianen, but he also really loved baseball. He could go to Utrecht for that.

Julian Reeb: “Train a lot and go to America on time”

“I had more talent in baseball and ended up in the first team. I also didn’t have time to combine them.” He decided to study in the United States and learn what really hard work is. Baseball is the national sport there. This is certainly not the case in the Netherlands. “I try to show young people that there is more to choose from than football and hockey,” says Rip, who does not see himself as an ambassador for the sport.

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Honoring on a flat cart across central Vianen, thousands of residents cheered. It’s not necessary for a sober Julian Rip anyway. He is proud of his achievements, but getting into the spotlight is not for him. Nonetheless, he is clearly enjoying the lovely words of Sports MP Tertsa Kamstra this afternoon. She has flowers and a cash check for the athlete.

He will leave for the United States in a week. To continue studying and of course to practice his sport again. And I see again the woman he met through baseball and who is now his fiancée. Julian has lived there for the past few years, but plans to take her to the beautiful city of Fianan for a longer period of time. But first, it’s time to run on his land again, right there on the other side of the ocean.
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