The taste of the game

Koos and Skate dive into the world of the Outriders. In this third person, you can choose to play Square Enix shooter from four classes and go to battle. The show will go online this weekend. A demo where you can sample what the Outriders have to offer. Are you interested in the Outriders? Are you thinking about playing the game? And if you’re interested in what Koos and Skate thought of in the demo, Outriders Let’s Play is a great item for you.

Solo coöp

At the start of Outriders, you start creating your own character. You can also choose from 1 of 4 classes. These classes consist of: Impostor, Pyromancer, Devastator, and Technomancer. Once you do, it is time to start your adventure. As you walk around the world, you will encounter multiple regions, and you will encounter many non-playable characters and it is possible to perform side missions. You can do these tasks alone, but also with two friends. So the game offers multiple gameplay options. You can also influence your conversations through the multiple dialogue options offered by the game.

It can fly over people

Outriders were created by People Can Fly. And although this name does not mean the same thing to everyone, they have worked on several large projects. For example, they brought Gears of War to PC, were co-developers of Gears of War 2 and 3, worked on Bulletstorm and were responsible for Bulletstorm: a full clip release. And these are definitely not the smallest titles … but with Outriders People Can Fly it really is on its own. They made the game without a co-developer like the one in the Gears of War franchise. Will they be able to do this task on their own? Like the Outriders Show? You will find this on Outriders Let’s Play.

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