The third season of Virgin River has been officially announced

We already have something to look forward to next year, as Netflix comes in 2021 with ten brand new episodes of the romantic series “Virgin River”. The actors themselves confirm the good news in a short video clip. Beware: spoilers!

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming the second season of Virgin River with great enthusiasm.

After a successful and convincing first season of Virgin River, The show returned to Netflix last November. Although the Netflix sequel has just been released, the third part has been in the air for a while. The streaming service officially confirmed the good news by sharing a short video clip of the cast.

“We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the second season of Virgin River “This is why Netflix requested a third season,” says protagonist Martin Henderson (Jack Sheridan) so excited, adds Alexandra Breckenridge (Melinda Monroe).

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The third season is badly needed, because whoever watched the final episode has a lot of questions. What’s up with Doc? Who fired Jack? Showrunner left Sue Tiny TVLine Fans know that next season (almost) everything will become clear and the search for a shooter will play a role for several seasons. She also hinted that the third season will not continue since the second season was interrupted, but a “bigger time jump” awaits.

As for Doc, he will have to deal with “necessary complications” that will put him and his relationship with Hope to the test. “He accepts the challenge, but it is not easy for him. Certainly not, because he wants to continue working. Will he be able to continue with it? The clinic and the city are his life, so we will investigate it seriously,” the model said.

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The relationship between lovebirds Lizzie and Ricky will also be explored in the upcoming season. “Ricky has a great story in the books I’m planning to explore. We’ll get into it a little bit in Season Two, but we’ll definitely explore it more in the coming seasons.”

In the third season, we are also introduced to a new face according to Persons: Zibby Allen, who joins the cast as Brie, Jack’s sister and the “smart lawyer who comes to recharge.” Actress Stacy Farber takes the role of Lily’s daughter and helps her deliver her baby Chloe.

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Virgin River About nurse Melinda Monroe who decided to apply for a job in Virgin River City. Melinda is eager to start over and leave her painful memories behind, but she soon discovers that this is more difficult than expected in a small town. Netflix’s success is based on the romantic book series written by writer Robin Carr, who has written more than twenty books about the city. Enough inspiration for the upcoming seasons.

You don’t know the series yet, but are you curious about it Virgin River? Below you can see the trailer for the first season.

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