The tiles describe Apple AirTag as unfair competition, and he wants them to get involved politically | right Now

Tile, who makes Bluetooth stickers that people can use to find their things, has been a critic of Apple’s AirTag. The manufacturer indirectly writes the AirTag designation as “unfair competition” TechCrunch Tuesday.

Apple announced the AirTag on Tuesday; A product that does the same thing as the Tile Bluetooth Sticker. Both smart tile stickers and AirTag work over Bluetooth. Within a short distance, both stickers will beep. Both Tile and Apple have their own search network for their respective labels.

“We welcome competition, as long as it’s fair,” Tile CEO CJ Prober wrote in a statement. “Since Apple has used its platform feature to unfairly restrict competition for its products, we are unfortunately skeptical.”

Apple indicates to the company that Find My has been around for longer than the Tile brand and that the network is also open to devices from other companies.

However, third parties must pay a commission to use the Find My network. For example, Tile users who want additional features should subscribe, Apple’s own devices don’t. Tile is required to hand about 30 percent of the subscription proceeds to Apple.

Tile will speak to the US Congress about the arrangement on Wednesday, along with Spotify music service and technology company Match. “We consider it appropriate for Congress to take a hard look at Apple’s practices,” said Proper.

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