The top speed has not yet been reached

Valtteri Bottas was the fastest man on the track during the second free practice session for the Qatar Grand Prix. The Finn managed to beat Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton with the fastest time.

“The day started really well with the setup. In fact, the balance in the first round was really good and we just had to make small adjustments in VT2. This is a perfect way to start the weekend on a new track. I think the team did a good job with the setup.”, Bottas responds in front of the camera from Sky Sports.

A promising weekend for Mercedes

During the first free practice, Mercedes still had to settle for third and fourth, but now the team appears to be well on its way. However, Bottas sees room for improvement on the new track.

“Even with two sessions we can’t get the full pace, so we keep going. It’s good practice, but we try to learn as much as possible. The pace seems good. The feeling was fine and that’s promising for the rest of the weekend”Finn said.

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