The top ten countries have the largest gold reserves in 2020-2021

United States: 8,133.5 tons

The United States ranks first with a reserve of 8,133.5 tons of gold. The American Bullion Depot, commonly referred to as Fort Knox, is a bunker building adjacent to the United States Army Center in Fort Knox, Kentucky. It is managed by the US Treasury Department. The Treasury holds a lot of US gold reserves, as well as other valuables owned or controlled by the federal government. All federal depositors are supervised by the United States Mint Police.

Germany: 3,362.4 tons

Germany’s gold reserves are held at the Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt am Main, and the New York branch of the Federal Reserve of the United States and the Bank of England in London. Germany completed a four-year resettlement process in 2017 to return 674 tons of gold to its vaults at the Bank of France and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Tons Italy - 2,451.8

Tons Italy – 2,451.8

Italy has also maintained the size of its reserves over time, and European Central Bank President Mario Draghi has backed them. Like other national central banks in the euro system, the Bank of Italy manages the official reserves of Italy and is part of the European Central Bank (NCBs). The Bank of Italy is responsible for the foreign exchange and official gold reserves of the country. After the US Federal Reserve, the Deutsche Bundesbank, and the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of Italy has the fourth largest gold reserves in the world. Bank gold weighs 2,452 tons, mostly bullion (95,493) but with a few coins.

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France - 2436.0

France – 2436.0

France’s central bank has sold very little gold in recent years, and there are calls to end this entirely. Marine Le Pen, chair of the far-right National Front party, led the accusation not only to stop the sale of gold in the country, but also to pay the entire amount from the foreign treasury. France ranks fourth with 2,435.7 tons of gold.

Russia - 2299.9

Russia – 2299.9

Over the past seven years, the Russian Central Bank has been the largest buyer of gold, bypassing China to become the fifth largest holder of gold reserves in 2018. Russia bought 224 tons of gold in 2017 in an effort to diversify its currency away from the US dollar. Russia has aggressively converted its foreign reserves from the US dollar into gold and other currencies over the past three years.

China - 1948 3

China – 1948 3

For the first time since 2009, the People’s Bank of China began publishing monthly gold buying activities in the summer of 2015. Although China ranks sixth in gold reserves, the yellow metal represents only 3.4% of the country’s total holdings.

Switzerland – 1,040.0

Switzerland, which has the largest gold reserves in the world per capita, ranks seventh. During World War II, the neutral country became a center for the gold trade in Europe, with both the Allies and the Axis powers.


Japan - 765.2

Japan – 765.2

In February 2021, Japan’s gold reserves were $ 42.878 billion. This is lower than the previous figure of $ 45.854 billion in January 2021. Japan is also the eighth largest collector of gold and the third largest economy in the world.

India – 657.7%

Gold reserves in India grew in the fourth quarter of 2020 to 676.61 tons, compared to 668.25 tons. Gold reserves in India rose in dollar terms; $ 1.008 billion in the week ending December 18 against the dollar; The Reserve Bank of India data revealed 37,020 billion. No wonder the Bank of India has one of the largest gold stores in the world.

Netherlands – 612.5

De Nederlandsche Bank announced that its golden vaults will be moved from Amsterdam to Camp New Amsterdam, about an hour outside of the city, citing cumbersome security measures at the current location. The Netherlands ranks 10th with gold reserves of 612.5 tons

The top 10 countries have the largest gold reserves

The top 10 countries have the largest gold reserves

The top 10 countries have the largest gold reserves

Nations Gold reserves in tons The share of gold in foreign exchange reserves
United State 8133.5 78.7%
Germany 3.362,4 76.1%
Italy 2.451,8 70.7%
France 2.436,2 66.0%
Russia 2.298.5 23.7%
China 1.948.3 3,5%
Switzerland 1.040.0 6,1%
Japan 765.2 3,3%
India 676,6 7.0%
Dutch 612,5 69.0%

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