The ‘Tree Bridge’ in Baudelopark aims to protect the central lime tree: ‘The roots are given space to grow’ | Ghent

GhentBodlo Park will officially reopen at the beginning of July, but some special interventions have already been made. For example, the park was awarded a “tree bridge”. This should protect the graceful lemon tree from drying out.

Anyone cycling over it will likely not notice, but a “tree bridge” was recently installed in Bodlow Park. During the redevelopment, it was decided to extend several bike paths through the park. But those kilograms of concrete aren’t exactly good for trees. After all, it can harm the roots. So the bridge seemed the perfect solution.

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The bridge stands on pillars 1.5 meters into the ground. © Cedric Matisse / Ghent

If such concrete is poured into the ground, it can damage the roots of the tree.
If such concrete is poured into the ground, it can damage the roots of the tree. © Cedric Matisse / Ghent

“You can’t see it, but the bridge is on 1.5-meter columns,” says Alderman from Public Green Astrid De Bruycker (Vooruit). “This makes a huge difference to the lemon tree. It is actually paved on the other sides. This way, the roots give the lemon tree room to grow more. The tree is central to the garden design. We have to give it enough space.”

Baudelopark must be fully completed Be ready by early July at the latest† Most of the work is now completed. The surrounding streets have been converted into a residential area, new sewers have been put in place and the sidewalk on the Leie has been taken down. The last major works will be completed before the Easter holiday. Next, you wait for the smaller finishes. At the beginning of June there will be brand new playground equipment.

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