The UCI helped evacuate Afghan cyclists: ‘We saved lives’ | sports

The UCI says it played an important role in the evacuation of 165 Afghan refugees. This included cyclists, who have been in a very unsafe situation since the Taliban took power. Afghan women are no longer allowed to play sports in the country for religious reasons.

The UCI has worked closely with the Asian Cycling Confederation and the FIFA. Sylvain Adams, owner of the WorldTour Israel Start Up-Nation team, funded the trip.

There is talk of a delicate diplomatic process. This included many nations willing to land the flight and hold evacuees until they could reach a safe final destination. There are refugees in Switzerland, Canada, France, Israel and the United States.

In addition to cyclists and cyclists, artists, journalists and human rights activists have also been evacuated. FIFA also helped a judge fight the sexual assault of female Afghan Football Association members out of the country.


, two-thirds of the list was proposed by the UCI and most of the other names came from Isra Ed (Israeli charity, ed.). “We’ve secured our efforts to make this happen,” said David LaPartient, UCI President. cycling news. “It is very important for the UCI to be committed to members of the cycling family who are experiencing the current situation in Afghanistan.”

The Frenchman admits that deciding who can get on the plane and who can’t get on it was a huge responsibility. “I took responsibility for this because someone had to do it, but it’s not that easy. The UCI and FIFA are the only international federations that have managed to get people out of the country. People can criticize the list, but at least we did something. In the end We will save lives with this, that is the most important thing. But we also decide the future of these people.”

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