The UK already has a chance to win: who is Sam Ryder? † Currently

Ask a Eurovision fan which country has performed consistently poorly in recent years and the answer will almost always be the UK. The country came in first five times and has been participating since 1957, but hasn’t been able to live up to its favourite for years. Now there’s Sam Ryder and winning the Eurovision Song Contest suddenly seems like an option.

With his long blond hair and friendly face, Ryder is a standout on stage, but when he opens his mouth and starts singing, you really understand why the bookmaker has kept the singer in the top five for weeks.

“I’m in space, man. In space, man. I’ve searched all over the universe, and dropped some black holes. There is nothing but space, man. And I want to go home,” Rider sings. Space man† The 32-year-old singer has a phenomenal vocal range: he easily sings a full piece in the sound of his head, then continues in an exciting and emotional way.

Ryder is already a real celebrity of the younger generation, but most people see him on the Eurovision stage for the first time. The singer gained fame on social media platform TikTok with covers of well-known songs, which he launched during the first shutdown in 2020. He now has more than 12 million followers on the platform and has managed to amass more than 100 million likes.

Relief after a negative British performance in Rotterdam

Domestically, there was a relaxed reaction to Ryder’s post: After James Newman scored zero points for his song embers In Rotterdam, the UK is in dire need of a winner. Because the years before that didn’t go so well either.

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Michael Rice also finished his last song in 2019 bigger than us And SuRie didn’t get 24th place in 2018 with her song Storm† The last time the UK made it to the top ten was in 2009, when Jade Ewen came in fifth It’s my time

And while the UK has secured a place in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest for years: the country belongs to the so-called Big Five, and therefore does not have to take part in the semi-finals.

Sober under all the positivity

The fact that Ryder is primarily known for his singing covers doesn’t mean he has no talent for writing: Space man He wrote himself, in collaboration with Amy Wedge (who was previously think out loud With Ed Sheeran books).

Ryder stays vigil under the positive feedback, if asks him about it. “I haven’t heard it or read it that way myself, but I keep hearing people here who are really excited. I’m really happy to have such support for me in the UK. It now seems like everyone is coming together and standing behind me. That’s so cool, it makes you so happy.”

The singer does not necessarily want to win, although, of course, it is fun. “If I can be myself and people think that’s all well and good, then I’m happy.”

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