The UN Security Council is debating the Myanmar issue, but the generals are not afraid of sanctions

A spokesman for China at the United Nations said that his country hopes that all parties in Myanmar will put the people’s interests first and engage in dialogue to express their differences. “Everything that the Security Council does should focus on political and social stability in Myanmar, not the increase in tensions.”

Meanwhile, Western countries are not standing idly by. The United States has blacklisted senior officers and several ministries and military conglomerates in Myanmar. Also the European Union Prepares for penalties.

But the effect of these measures will be disappointing, since the United States and the European Union are not major trading partners of Myanmar. China as well, but that country keeps its powder dry. But you should take action soon, Van den Assum thinks. “If China didn’t come up with anything now, that would be serious.”

What is the district doing?

What about other countries in Southeast Asia? Traditionally they intervene Better not With each other’s internal affairs. No wonder if you think that out of the ten countries of Southeast Asia, there are two countries led by military men after a coup, two communist states and do not have elections, in two countries one party has been in power for more than twenty years and said that one country is an absolute monarchy. Bloomberg News running. Only the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia have witnessed a peaceful transition of power from one party to the other in recent years.

It is no coincidence that those three countries, plus Singapore, on Tuesday called for Myanmar’s release of Aung San Suu Kyi and the restoration of democracy.

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