The union has no influence over Amazon in the United States

The union has no influence over Amazon in the United States

Employee control

Online retailer Amazon does not seem to have to accept a union at its distribution center in Bessemer, Alabama. After almost half the votes were counted, less than a third of the workers voted for union members.

In the United States, the influence of a union does not depend on whether a few employees are members, but whether it is organized for a company or a branch.

The retail, wholesale and department store union (RWDSU) union wants to get a place with Amazon through its distribution center in Alabama. The company is the second largest employer in the United States and has more than 800,000 employees locally. Amazon has so far set aside unions.

Treatment of staff

The company of CEO Jeff Bezos has been in the news constantly for misbehaving with employees. For example, employees at distribution centers have to pick up an item every 11 seconds and walk miles a day. Amazon providers had to work so hard, they didn’t have time for health stops and constantly sucked a bottle into their van.

During the RWDSU union-led campaign, Amazon did a lot to make the union look geeky to workers. The arrival of a union on the Amazon sparked a political reaction by Republicans and Democrats voting in favor of a union.

Challenging votes

In the week preceding the count, both Amazon and the union can vote, for example, because the ballot is distorted or the person who voted does not have the right to vote. According to the RWDSU, this has happened hundreds of times, and it is unclear how many votes are needed for a victory. Controversial ballots will be decided in the coming days.

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According to RWDSU, the focus on this case at Bessemer has brought more than 1,000 membership applications from Amazon employees to other distribution centers. Regardless of the outcome, federal leader Stuart Apple Palm called it an “important moment for workers” and said “their voices will be heard.”

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