The United Nations wants to raise $160 million for an “unprecedented climate catastrophe” in Pakistan

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The United Nations plans to raise $160 million in emergency aid to Pakistan, which has been hit by torrential rains this summer. Money They are used, among other things, to provide shelter for the displaced, distribute food parcels and provide care. The United Nations hopes to be able to help about 5 million of the 33 million affected through the aid package.

The Pakistani government has also released funds for emergency assistance to the affected areas. “But the need for it is increasing like a flood,” said UN Secretary-General Guterres, who plans to travel to the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, on Friday. The country’s Prime Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, also stressed the need for more emergency support quickly.

Pakistan has seen very bad weather since June, according to Guterres, a “seasonal beast.” A third of the country is under water, a million homes have been damaged, and farmland, roads and bridges are inundated. More than 1,000 people died as a result of the rain, including 380 children. The floods affected 33 million people in other ways, about 15 percent of the total population.

The United Nations speaks of an “unprecedented climate catastrophe”.

The damage is clearly visible from the air:

Severe floods wreak havoc in Pakistan

Pakistan, like the United Nations, has appealed to the international community for help. The country estimates the damage caused by the storm At least 10 billion dollars. The US has now pledged $30 million in aid, and the European Union introduced a €1.8 million support package last week. Earlier today, the International Monetary Fund gave the green light to release $1.1 billion as part of its economic support programme.

Carbon dioxide emissions in Pakistan are relatively low compared to Western countries such as Australia, the United States and countries in Europe, according to figures from the Scientific Data Platform. Our world in data. Despite this, it is one of the ten countries most affected by extreme weather events due to climate change. Global Climate Risk Index to see.

Guterres therefore calls on the international community to show solidarity. “Let’s stop our sleepwalking towards the destruction of our planet by climate change.”

Check out the photos below of the devastation caused by the torrential rain:

  • France Press agency

    A woman walks in an area devastated by torrential rain.
  • Environmental Protection Agency

    A man sits in his house, which was destroyed by a flood.
  • France Press agency

    An aerial view of a residential area in the flooded Dera Allah Yar town.
  • Environmental Protection Agency

    People are trying to move on a flooded highway.
  • Environmental Protection Agency

    After heavy rain, people try to walk in flooded areas.

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