The United States and its allies are sending thousands of soldiers to Kabul for evacuation

US Embassy in Kabul. Photo from December 2001.AFP photo

The British are sending 600 soldiers and Canada is flying, an unknown number special forcesSoldiers to manage the evacuation and closure of the embassy. The three countries decided to do so now that the Taliban quickly invaded the cities from the government army. The British and American embassies are not closed yet.

The Pentagon declined to talk about an evacuation after President Biden ordered the operation. “This is not a complete evacuation,” a spokesman said, fearing it would give the Taliban the impression that the United States has lost faith in the government and sees Kabul’s fall as inevitable. But in the United States, a comparison was immediately made with the hasty withdrawal of American diplomats, civilians, and military personnel in 1975 from the South Vietnamese capital, Saigon.

“This should not be taken as some kind of message to the Taliban,” a Pentagon spokesman said. The president has ordered a reduction in the number of civil servants. We will further reduce our civilian presence in Kabul to a diplomatic core in the coming weeks. With the military deployed, the number of US troops in Afghanistan will temporarily return to the same number it was before Biden’s decision to end the military mission earlier this year.