The United States and the European Union impose additional sanctions on Russia, “which will have serious consequences”

The European Union and the United States imposed additional sanctions on Russia. The new sanctions come on top of those imposed earlier, after Russia recognized the popular republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, Ukrainian territories ruled by pro-Russian separatists for years.

The statement said European sanctions should have “serious and dangerous consequences.” a permit to the European Council. These sanctions are intended to affect several sectors in Russia, including the energy sector, transportation and the financial sector.

More Russians will also be blacklisted and the so-called “”Dual useProducts are restricted. These are items that can be used for both civilian and military purposes.

The European Council of Heads of Government says in the statement that changes are also being made in the area of ​​exports and visas, but what exactly has not been announced yet. He also called on heads of government to prepare for sanctions against Belarus.

British Prime Minister Johnson said the UK had already imposed financial sanctions on that country today for its role in the Russian invasion.

Banks and the high-tech sector

President Biden has declared that US sanctions should affect Russian banks, the high-tech sector, members of the elite, and others. Biden said the US sanctions package was developed in consultation with the Group of Seven industrialized nations.

The US sanctions include making it more difficult for Russia to trade in major currencies such as the dollar, pound, euro and yen.

“Putin and his country must bear the consequences,” Biden said during his press conference.

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