The United States has not yet pledged to Britain on a free trade agreement

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 07:17

Washington (AP / AFP) – US President Joe Biden has not yet pledged a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom. Biden said the issue was only discussed during a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during his visit to the White House.

From Brexit, the British made every effort to conclude trade agreements with various countries, including the United States, an economic power. 10 According to Downing Street, reaching an agreement with the United States is still top priority. For example, an agreement with lower taxes and import taxes could stimulate trade between countries. Unlike former US President Donald Trump, negotiations are not very fast.

Biden said the deal is still under discussion. “We have to do it,” Biden said as Britain stood close to Johnson, particularly in response to a question about a deal. According to the BBC in London, due to the waiting and attitude of the Americans, Mexico will consider joining the existing North American trade agreement between the United States and Canada.

The two heads of state discussed the Northern Ireland issue in addition to the trade agreement. Biden said he “did not want to see the Irish agreements change”. However, he stressed that the trade agreement and the Irish question were “two different topics”. Last week, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, honored the Northern Ireland Peace Accord and linked it to possible trade talks with London, which would provide an open border with Ireland. The UK government is currently in post-Brexit talks with the European Union on tariff arrangements for Northern Ireland.

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