The United States, Japan, India and Australia prefer the quality of the technology sector

The United States, Japan, India and Australia released a joint statement on the agreement last week. “Technology must face the world’s biggest shared challenges to make the lives of our citizens safer, more prosperous and more productive,” the quartet said.

“We are committed to developing an open, accessible and secure technological ecosystem based on mutual trust.” Those four To Are committed to fostering vital and emerging technology that will bring concrete benefits to the community. It was created through a multi-stakeholder approach that is compatible with adaptive, dynamic and global values, including respect for freedom of expression and privacy, the countries said in a statement.

Below it Fall It also announced a 5G diversification initiative, including efforts for testing and testing facilities. “We encourage the use of secure, transparent and transparent 5G and beyond-5G networks, and work with many partners to foster innovation and promote trusted vendors and approaches such as open-RAN.”

Strong together

The report does not specify a map or timeline, but the four of them will continue to “keep abreast of changes in the global economy and innovation processes, monitor future trends and take advantage of opportunities to advance technologies to realize our many shared goals: security and recession, economic inclusion and health and well-being. .

Those countries are committed to promoting technological development that will accelerate economic progress and meet the needs of all citizens. Specially named: “Building Hope and Integrity”, a significant addition given the submarine woes of the United States and Australia. Nevertheless, the four invite other countries to join them.

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