The United States sues the North Koreans for piracy

Three North Koreans were indicted in December in the United States of breaching banks and other companies around the world. US media reported this on Wednesday based on court documents.

According to the allegation, hackers attempted to steal $ 1.3 billion in digital currencies. How much money they stole really is unclear. According to Reuters, that’s definitely tens of millions.

Jun Chang Hyuk, Kim II and Park Jin Hyuk have targeted companies of all kinds, from Hollywood film studios to tech companies and banks, for years, according to the claim. They are employed in the North Korean Army, depending on the district. The stolen money was going to Leader Kim Jong Un.

According to the prosecution, the aim of the infiltrators was not only to fill the treasury, but also to take revenge. For example, they would attack movie studios to make films or series critical of North Korea. Sony Pictures Entertainment became the target of producing the movie the interviewAbout the plot to kill Kim.

“The criminal behavior of the North Korean infiltrators was widespread and longstanding, and the series of crimes they committed is amazing,” the prosecutor said. An aide added, “North Korean agents, who use keyboards instead of weapons and steal cryptocurrency wallets instead of bags of cash, are 21st century bank robbers.” The pirates may reside in North Korea. They are unlikely to end up in an American dungeon. (Norwegian Refugee Council)

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