The United States unveils the first nuclear bomber that can fly without a pilot | Abroad

The US Air Force unveiled the B-21 Raider on Friday. This new advanced nuclear bomber can perform unmanned missions. It is the first in its class.

The B-21 was equipped with the so-called stealthily-technology. This allows the aircraft to penetrate deep into hostile territory undetected. The device, which will cost $700 million (about 664 million euros) apiece, has worked in the strictest secrecy for years.

Senior US officials, including Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, were present at the opening ceremony at the manufacturer Northrop Grumman in California. “The B-21 is a testament to our superior ingenuity and innovation,” he said.

Northrop Grumman calls the B-21 “the future of deterrence.” Many details remain classified, but the aircraft will be a huge improvement over other USAF bombers. The first official flight of the plane will take place next year.

The introduction of the new bomber comes at a time of heightened tensions with Russia. US military planners are also taking into account a possible invasion of Taiwan by China.

A recent Pentagon report showed that China multiplied its nuclear warheads much faster than the United States expected.

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