The United States waives sanctions against the company behind Nord Stream 2

The United States is refraining from imposing sanctions on the company behind Nord Stream 2, the gas pipeline that runs from Russia under the Baltic Sea to Germany. Washington strongly opposes the project, but Secretary of State Blinken says sanctions are not in the United States’ interest. He pointed to the importance of good relations with Germany and other European countries.

The multi-billion dollar project, likely to be completed this year, has been a thorn in the United States for years. Washington believes that Germany and the European Union are highly dependent on Russia in this matter. The project will play a lot into President Putin’s hands geopolitically.

Germany, which it considers mainly an economic project, has previously responded to reports that the United States will abandon it. German Foreign Minister Maas spoke of “a constructive step that we would like to discuss with our partners in Washington.”

The US State Department has already imposed sanctions on four Russian ships, including the Akademik Cherskiy, which began laying portions of the pipeline into Danish waters last month.

Republicans in the US Congress, in particular, find the measures too tepid and are calling for a tougher stance. Senator Jim Risch spoke of “a gift to Putin that would only weaken the US’s position in the run-up to Presidents Biden and Putin. But Democrats also believe that the United States cannot stand aside and see how the project is,” said Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen. An option that we must avoid rounding off. ”

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