The United States will open fireworks for the World Cup in 2021

Auckland, New Zealand – The schedule for the 2021 Rugby World Cup has been announced as the United States plays the opening match against Europe 1 on Friday 17 September.

This match starts at 7:45 PM ET and will be held at the Northland Event Center in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Europe 1?

Who will become Europe 1 is still in the air. The venue will be decided after a four-team play-off between the six countries that have not qualified yet, plus the winner of the European Rugby Championship. These are Ireland, Scotland, and Italy plus one more. The European Rugby Championship was suspended after the opening match between Russia and the Netherlands. It will be the most important match between Russia and Spain. Assuming Spain beat the Netherlands, that match will decide who moves.

Regardless, Ireland is very powerful these days as the favorite to become Europe 1.

More about RWC 2021

The 2021 Rugby World Cup is aiming to break the record for attending the Women’s Rugby World Cup, which is expected to be boosted by some exciting matches. The New Zealand hosts and the defending champions will play against Australia at Eden Park on opening day on September 18th. Canada will open on the same day to Asia 1, which could be Japan, Hong Kong or Kazakhstan.

For the United States, billiards will continue on September 22 (7:45 PM ET) and Monday, September 27 (9:15 PM ET), with the Eagles facing Canada and then Asia. 1. For the first time in North America. Competitors met in billiard stages. The rivalry raged during the World Cup precisely because the United States and Canada seldom met. Often one team finishes in the top four, while the other team finishes in fifth, claiming that the fifth-placed team is actually the better team.

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This time, bragging rights can be settled early. Local ostentation is the hallmark of this year’s event, with New Zealand versus Australia and England versus France.

“With less than eight months left for the 2021 Rugby World Cup Final in New Zealand, the anticipation and excitement are really starting for fans and players around the world,” said Sir Bill Beaumont, captain of the global rugby team. “There is something very real and unstoppable, building the momentum behind the rise of women in rugby now and 2021 will be a year like no other, providing a unique opportunity to continue the growth and appearance of the sport. Acceleration like rugby is for women. It’s central this year.”

Knockout Vasen

After playing pool, the top eight players advance to the quarter-finals. There are three groups of four, so the top eight are the first two groups of each group plus the top two teams for the third.

Group A: New Zealand, Australia, Wales, finalists
Group 2: Canada, the United States, Europe 1 and Asia 1
Group C: England, France, South Africa, Fiji

The quarter-finals will then be played on October 2, and the semi-finals will take place on October 8 and the final day of the Games (where all teams receive placement matches) on October 15.

US coach Rob Kane is so excited he can get things started so early in the first day.

“What a great opportunity for us to open the Rugby World Cup,” said Kane. “We will never lose its relevance and importance to us as a group. This is an exciting opportunity to focus on the tournament. With all eyes on the game itself, we can get new fans along the way.”

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