The US Army confronts the Iranian boats again in the Persian Gulf | abroad

“A large group of Iranian Revolutionary Guard vessels have carried out maneuvers in an unsafe and unprofessional manner, ignoring the security of the US armed forces,” said Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby.

Kirby recalls that the Iranian boats were approaching a group of six US Navy ships at “high speed”. They would have reached a distance of about 135 meters. “According to the standard procedure, we fired the sound and communicated, among other things, over a radio link, after which about thirty warning shots were fired,” Kirby said. “They left after the second round with warning shots.”

According to the press secretary, it was not immediately clear who instructed the boats.

Similar incidents have occurred frequently in recent years, although they have been relatively quiet in the past year. In late April, a US military ship fired additional warning shots after three Iranian Navy boats approached the ship and another US patrol boat in the Persian Gulf.

He is also restless at the moment in Israel which Iran hates. The Temple Mount witnessed clashes with Palestinians in recent days, and last night the Israeli army launched air strikes on Gaza. America is known as the ally of the “Zionist state” as Israel is called in Tehran.

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