The US channel SBS6 is buying the million-dollar island

According to Talpa, many channels were interested in design after a pitch in the United States. ā€œNBC was selected because of previous good experiences Voice“, Another plan by John. It is expected Million Dollar Island It will air there next fall.

John is happy with the deal. ā‡Million Dollar Island The next level is not just a survival plan. It is a fascinating social experiment surrounding close friendship, incredible diligence and secret conspiracies. Audiences will be fascinated by the many storylines that this format offers. “

In Million dollar island, As can be seen on SBS6 and Amazon Prime from next Sunday, there are a hundred people together on a desert island where they have to survive for two months. Participants will receive a bracelet worth 10,000 euros upon arrival. Candidates can win and lose by playing duel on those tapes and getting them from people who have given up. The more bracelets a person collects, the more valuable that person is and the greater the chance of winning a prize. The show was hosted by Denise van der Keist.

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