The US Meteorological Service warns that iguanas may fall due to a blizzard

The United States is experiencing the biggest snow storm in years. The cold arrives in usually sunny Florida and this presents a strange problem.

American NWS . Weather Service It warns that iguanas can fall from trees due to sudden cold. The cold can paralyze the iguana, lose its grip and fall.

Biggest snow storm in years

Large parts of the northeastern United States were hit by a snowstorm. Large cities such as New York and Boston are particularly affected by the storm. It’s the biggest winter storm the US has seen in years, causing traffic chaos and blackouts in a region of some 70 million people.

More than half a meter of snow fell yesterday in the worst affected areas, in the states of New York and Massachusetts. More than 95,000 homes in Massachusetts are currently without power and at least eight inches of snow fall in Central Park in New York. A woman died. It happened on Long Island, where the woman was found in her car by a snow blower.

On Friday and yesterday, 5,000 flights were canceled in the US due to the snowstorm and more than 1,000 flights have already been canceled today, according to FlightAware.

Naked cowboy on the street in panties

Although people are advised to stay indoors as much as possible, not everyone is paying attention. That didn’t stop street artist Robert Burke from performing in the famous Times Square yesterday. Known in New York as “Naked Cowboy” he came out yesterday in a cowboy hat and was only wearing pants and shoes to entertain the tourists, but they were hard to find because of the snowstorm.

Winter is away: Enjoy a sunny Sunday, because Monday will be a thing again

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Snow storm causes hail in Florida, weather service warns of iguanas falling

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