The US Supreme Court has overturned the constitutional right to abortion

Abortion rights activists protest in US Supreme Court.Image AFP

The 1973 case granted women in the United States the right to have an abortion. Women have no constitutional right to perform abortions because the Supreme Court has now overturned that ruling. Following this ruling, abortion was illegal in half the states of the United States.

President Biden responded by saying, “This is a sad day for the country and for the Supreme Court.” “Let it be clear: the health and lives of women in our country are at stake,” she added. He called the decision a “sad mistake” made in the name of “a serious ideology”. According to the US President, the court has stripped many Americans of their “fundamental” constitutional right.


In the Conservative Supreme Court, five of the nine judges voted to repeal the state’s right to abortion. The court heard the case in response to the southern state of Mississippi’s strict abortion law. It is now up to the US states to decide whether abortion is allowed. Republican states are already banning or drastically reducing legislation such as Missouri.

The Conservative government banned the abortion just hours after the Supreme Court ruling. Attorney General Eric Schmidt said on Twitter, “Missouri is the first country in the country to end an abortion effectively.”

Liberal countries: Defending the right to abortion

Many liberal states have declared that they want to protect the rights of abortion. The governors of California, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York said so on Friday. “We will always be a safe haven for anyone in need of abortion treatment across the country. My word is with you, “said New York Governor Kathy Hochul.

“This is not the United States as we know it,” said Gavin Newsom, the governor of California. “California, in conjunction with Washington and Oregon, is creating an offensive on the West Coast and defending the right to freedom of choice regarding reproduction in our states.” New Jersey driver Bill Murphy issued a similar statement. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has signed a warrant to protect rights.

That same evening California took the lead: in the capital Sacramento, Newsme signed into law a new law protecting California abortion providers from civil court rulings in other states. According to the governor’s office, “he will pass more than a dozen abortion laws in the future.”


The three judges of the Democrat-appointed court said in a joint statement that they did not accept the decision. “Whatever the right intent of the forthcoming laws, one conclusion of today’s decision is certain: reducing the rights of women and their status as free and equal citizens,” they write. “Sadly, to this court, but to the millions of American women who have lost their basic constitutional protections today. We do not agree. ”

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, said she considered the report “outrageous and heartbreaking.” Former President Barack Obama (2009-2017) speaks in response to “attacking the essential freedoms of millions of Americans”. He calls the verdict “the result of the will of politicians and ideologues to underestimate one’s most serious personal decision.” U.S. companies such as Disney, Netflix and Microsoft have announced that they will reimburse their employees for travel expenses if they have to travel for an abortion.

Former President Donald Trump has praised the US Supreme Court ruling. “It’s in accordance with the constitution and the rights are revoked when they have to be done much earlier. It puts it back in the states it always was,” he told Fox News.

International reactions

Meanwhile, international reactions to the verdict have been disappointing. The World Health Organization’s Tetros Adanom Caprese said: “I am deeply disappointed that women’s rights must be protected. I expected the United States to defend such rights. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson speaks of ‘a great backwardness’. French President Emmanuel Macron says abortion is “a fundamental right of women and we must protect it.”

According to Michelle Bachelet, the head of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the ruling is a major blow to the human rights of women. “Access to safe, legal and effective abortion is firmly enshrined in international human rights law,” Bachelet said. He says it allows women to make their own choices about their body and life.

To put up a fight

Planned Parenthood, the leading abortion provider in the United States, promised Friday that despite the Supreme Court ruling, it will “never stop fighting” for those in need. “We know you feel a lot of pain, anger, confusion right now. It doesn’t matter what you feel. We are with you and we will never stop fighting for you. ”

According to The Goodmature Institute, an American organization fighting for abortion rights, 26 states will ban the right to abortion, of which 13 states will soon enact laws. In Washington, California and New Mexico, abortion is expected to be legal.

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