The voice coaches moved with the experience of Sufyan’s “The Magic” performance

Sufyan is overjoyed when he enters the studio with his parents and two sisters who are proud of them. He makes it clear that he really wants to connect with people who enjoy the same things he enjoys: singing. He’s been doing it himself for about two years now. “I am in pre-university education and I want to be a surgeon or a teacher, but I think it would be better if I became a singer,” he says. “You can then get all kinds of people involved in your music, and that sounds the most fun.”

Well this last one, it can. “I Love Me” hasn’t started yet while Sani is already playing, and the rest of the coaches will follow soon. They clearly were impressed with the performance of the 13-year-old, who knows how to convey the song flawlessly and with complete conviction.

“It was just magical,” Ilse says afterward. “You really tell a story. You are by nature and one of the best artists we can have here.” Ali also wants Sufyan to be very happy with his team. “You’re exceptional!” He says that when he was of Sufyan’s age, he was looking for someone he could relate to. “I found Naguib my family and thought, Wonderful, there might be a place for me. I’m sure you will be the next one who gives hope to children in the Netherlands with our ethnic background.”

Sanne was blown away from the first second by the young artist’s voice. “I’m so honest, I really cried,” she says of the Tabitha song in it The best singers My tongue was nominated. “She sang it for me, but the way she sings is better. I was touched so hard again and that’s all the music is all about, wherever I come,” she says visibly affected. “If you shock me, I will keep fighting for you. I am already doing it.”

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When he decides to go on an adventure with her a little later, she hits him again. “I’m really a fan! I like it that way silly cool. “

Not for all involved in The Voice Kids It ends like Sufyan. Although Doron did not manage a single chair, it brought him success. You can see everything about it in the video below.

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