The Vv Havelte hammer strike has been removed from the new complex

Sports Park De Meerkamp in Havelti will almost certainly get a multi-million dollar renovation. Westerveld City Council debated this night. Who will be the new neighbors, it is still unknown.

Prior to the discussion in the city council, the president of VV Havelte, Peter Heupink, emphasized once again that action was needed. A message he has been proclaiming for several years.

The canteen and changing rooms are noisy in all respects and do not meet the desired safety and hygiene requirements. You must wait for a ball on the roof to explode, because sending someone to the roof is very dangerous.

New construction is the only option, Heupink said: “Investment in the existing site is flushed with the opening of the faucet.”


The city council discussed De Meerkamp’s future tonight. It is expected that approximately four million euros will be required to renovate the site, build new parking spaces, and build a canteen and changing room complex.

Three million for the municipality, vv Havelte invests half a million and also uses subsidies.

two stages

Most parties seem to agree with the option that De Meerkamp is dealt with in two phases. The football club first starts with a canteen, changing rooms and pitches, then it is considered who will be the new neighbors. Due to the different layout, 1.7 hectares of space are freed up for various uses.

In the second stage, part of the investment must be recovered. Other sports clubs (survival, ski club and equestrian club) may move from the center of Havelte to the vacant space in De Meerkamp. Then houses could be built in the center of the village. Another option is to use the vacant space next to the soccer field for housing. Depending on the site chosen, this is expected to result in 1.2 to 1.5 million euros.

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Housing construction is essential

Housing construction is necessary for the parties to the council, because in this way part of the investment of millions can be compensated. “Or housing in the heptathlon or on the ice rink,” Alfred Schoonmaker of Strongstrong Westerfield left no doubt about “Phase 2.”

Progressief Westerveld (PW) expressed concern about a doomsday scenario where no construction would take place, which was shared by CDA member Gerjo Ballast. “This project has become so big, housing has to be done to cover the costs.”

Alderman Henk Doeven says the focus is on housing at one of the two sites. “But I can never give 100 percent certainty. Investigations have to be done first, which is the case for both sites.” He said he wanted to continue, now that the whole process had been going on for so long.

“equal win”

Something Michel van de Castelen (PW) can agree with. “This is the momentum we’ve been waiting for. It’s a win-win.” He sees that the football club is benefiting. “We think it’s also a win for the other sports clubs in Havelte. And it’s a win for housing in Havelte. There are groups, young people and Knarrenhof, who have been waiting for a long time for suitable sites. Come on.”

The city council will make a final decision on the proposal next week. Once the hammer falls, VV Havelte can get ready for an extensive renovation.

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