The VVD Youth Branch believes that the municipality should organize King’s Day parties

The municipality must organize parties on King’s Day itself. This is the opinion of the Amsterdam youth branch of the VVD. According to them, there is more room for this due to vaccination and the availability of rapid tests. “If the municipality does not respond to this space, then the people will do it themselves.”

Next April 27, the king’s second day celebrated will be in lockdown. According to JOVD, the youth branch of VVD, the municipality should take the lead on this day. “These parties are coming anyway,” says Amsterdam’s JOVD Chairman Cesar van Roig. “We suggest accepting this reality and acting on its basis.”

The party believes that responsibility should be taken for the physical and mental health of the Prince of Amsterdam. “If the municipality does not show an initiative here, it will really let Amsterdam down.”

There is no outside people

The youth party is considering a site as big as RAI, “with quick exams at the door and registrations in advance.” “By testing everyone beforehand, but also recording exactly who was present, we can celebrate the utmost safety.”

However, the events should only be accessible to Amsterdam residents, says the chairman. “In this way, people are prevented from coming to the city from outside, and the number of travel movements is reduced to a minimum.”

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