The warm Gulf Stream still has many mysteries

If the warm Gulf Stream disappears, it could be six degrees cooler in Europe. Unfortunately, climatologists do not understand much about these types of ocean currents, he writes Simon Rosendal† One writes that the warm Gulf Stream was not as weak a thousand years ago as it is now, and the other that it became thirty percent stronger. It also points out that while climate scientists understand a lot about climate, it is increasing every year, but by no means everything is.

If you’re reading this, I’m in the far north. Near the northern cape, the northernmost tip of our continent, where the temperature is about fifteen degrees, sun and clouds, on a ship where I make presentations to the readers of this magazine.

It rarely freezes or snows in European cities thanks to Warm Gulf Stream

Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream. It begins in the Gulf of Mexico and brings relatively warm waters to Western Europe and Scandinavia. This ocean current moves 50,000 times as much water as the Rhine and moves two to six times the speed (three meters per second).

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