The weather will be tropical and warm: “The temperature can reach 35 degrees’

Good news for sun lovers: On Monday, if all goes well, we could already hit the first 30 degrees of the year. Here’s what Wilfried Janssen of Wirplaza says. At first, the heat wasn’t expected until Wednesday.

“There’s plenty of room for sun on Mondays,” explains Wilfred. “In the afternoon and evening some high clouds will form, but the sun is coming in just fine.”

Meteorological fireworks
According to the Weather Plaza, Tuesday will be a little cooler by 25 degrees Celsius, more clouds and weak to moderate north winds. “But from Wednesday the wind will blow from the south. Then the warm air from southern France and Spain will come our way.” Then we can count on temperatures from 30 to 32 degrees. “And if there is no sea breeze and everything turns out to be favorable, then the temperature can be 33 to 35 degrees.”

However, the question is how long this heat will last. “The boundary between warm and cold air will be close here. If it were really over our country, it would generate the necessary meteorological fireworks. But there are also a lot of calculations that the heat will continue for a few more days. It continues in our country. No This is still very uncertain.But in general, the chance of rain increases.

Incredibly bright sun
If you don’t like the heat, you should be enjoying this weekend. Saturday’s weather will be a little cooler than the last few days, thanks to strong northwest winds. It will be from 22 to 24 degrees locally. This is a perfect day to open the windows in the house against each other.”

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The temperature will rise again on Sunday. “It’s going to be pretty cool Saturday evening and evening,” Wilfried says. “And then it’ll be 5 or 6 degrees in the coldest places in Brabant.” “Then there can be some fog and maybe fog. But then the temperature rises very quickly around 25 degrees. Then there is plenty of room for the sun again and hardly any wind. The sun shines very brightly, so apply well. Otherwise you could get burned. In fifteen minutes.”

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