The webinar discusses central control of the climate approach

Biologist and evolutionary ecology professor Louise Witt will be the new Minister for Public Space. At least, if up to the participants of the webinar organized by IPC Groene Ruimte, NL Greenlabel and Stichting Steenbreek. According to the participants, fat is the best centralized person in tackling the climate problem.

Webinar “Who will be the Prime Minister of Public Space?” Held on 24 March, to draw attention to an integrated, centralized policy-based approach to climate problems. Participants can submit candidates for the ministerial position in advance.

the classroom

During the webinar, several speakers and experts spoke to advocate central and national control of climate adaptation as measures are implemented at the local level. Founder of NL Greenlabel Lodewijk Hoekstra states that a lot is already happening in the climate field, such as the National Environmental Vision and the Delta Plan for Biodiversity Restoration. Meanwhile, he denounced the “death of the landscape”, pointing to industrial areas and distribution centers that disturb the Dutch landscape.

An integrated approach

Dan Zandbelt, a former government advisor to the physical living environment, called for a shift from quantity to quality, and from prosperity to luxury. “We have to learn to integrate again,” said Zandbelt in a conversation with Eddy Schabbink, Senior Advisor at IPC Green Space. Cora van Neuenhuisen, outgoing Minister for Infrastructure and Water Management, said an integrated approach is needed to address the main challenges facing the Netherlands.

Department of Public Space

The Minister of Public Space was elected at the end of the webinar. 32% of respondents chose Louise Vet. During the formation of the new cabinet, initiators of the webinar will draw attention to a separate section of the public space. In recent times, there has been an increasing number of voices calling for the establishment of a ministry such as VROM previously. Public space is now distributed among Ministries I, W, LNV, and the Interior.

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