The week starts warm, followed by rain

Holland – After a great weekend with lots of sun, Monday will be warm too. In the following days, the chance of rain increases and temperatures drop as well.

Monday The day begins with plenty of sunshine. Temperatures will continue to rise with weak to moderate southeasterly winds. The temperature rises to 28 degrees in the north, 29 or 30 degrees in the center and 31 or 32 degrees in the southeast. Only in Wadden it stays 26 degrees cooler. Later in the afternoon, clouds increase from the southwest and the first rain or thunderstorm may fall from Zeeland.

At night Tuesday There is a chance of local rain falling across the country, with the possibility of thunder. During the day, most of the rain moves north quickly and becomes dry in most places. With a normal sunroom, the afternoon temperature will be 23 degrees in coastal areas and 28 degrees in the rest of the country.

also at night Wednesday The chance of rain and thunderstorms will increase again and it probably won’t stay dry everywhere during the day either. Locally, it can get a lot of rain, but there will also be places where it will still be drier. The sun has a harder time, and as a result the temperature remains at 21 degrees in the north and 25 degrees in the southeast, although this is still warmer than average for that time of year.

also on Thursday The weather remains unstable with the passage of time every now and then with rain and thunderstorms over our country. Every now and then, there are dry spells with every now and then room for sun. The temperature gradually decreases more.

Friday The temperature may not even rise above 23 degrees and there is a good chance it will rain again, with easterly winds increasing as well.

the following weekend It appears to be a little drier again, but the temperature continues to drop to just over twenty degrees.

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