The West: Russia shut down its satellite network in the invasion of Ukraine

The attack disrupted Viasat’s KA-SAT network. It happened exactly when Russia invaded the country. The attack on facebook Not only has it caused problems for Ukrainian governments, businesses and citizens, but it has also caused damage in European Union countries.

The cyber attack certainly supported the Russian invasion, She said European Union External Affairs Coordinator Josep Borrell. He asserts that the European Union specifically holds the Russian government accountable. So far, Brussels has not gone beyond claiming that such attacks were launched, for example, from Russian soil.

The Council of the European Union, which represents EU countries, said the cyber attack was “another example of Russia’s persistent pattern of irresponsible behavior in cyberspace”. “Cyber-attacks on Ukraine could spread to other countries and cause security implications for European citizens,” the council said in a statement. Declaration

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the cyber attack was aimed at disrupting Ukrainian command and control. His British colleague Liz Truss described the digital attack as “clear and shocking evidence of a deliberate and destructive attack by Russia against Ukraine”.

hack government websites

London also holds Russia responsible for the cyber attack on Ukrainian government websites On January 13† Messages posted on the Sites. According to the British, Russia also has devastating programs called spacesdeployed against Ukraine.

The hack had a huge impact

Books penetration effect was enormous wired Recently. For example, the service is said to have been used by the Ukrainian military, seriously disrupting communications during the early days of the invasion. Civilians in Ukraine and abroad are said to have also been affected.

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Moreover, companies in Western Europe would also have been affected. For example, there were 2,000 wind turbines in Germany that were still offline a month later.

The Viasat hack also attracted the attention of several intelligence agencies. That is because ViaSat is a major player providing important services in many countries. US intelligence agency NSA recently concluded That Russia was responsible for the cyber attack on Viasat. The company will provide services to the US military and its allies.

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