The woman confronts the man who secretly filmed her: “You’re a dirty asshole!” (Video)

Instagram – TikTok / @its_anueta

An Australian woman was recently secretly filmed on a plane. She confronted him and demanded that he remove the pictures.

Anuita Madison-Vanderbilt was spotted on a domestic flight in Australia, with a person next to her making a few minutes of her video footage. A moment later she talked to him about it. “I’ll give you a chance to remove the footage or tell the police as soon as we land,” she was quoted as saying in the video.

The man does what she asks and then says it was only recorded for ten seconds. “You are an impurity. I hope you feel it ”, she still responds.

Not taken

Upon landing, police were called but could not arrest the man. “After the plane landed, authorities spoke to the flight attendants and passengers about the incident. They questioned a man and warned him that such behavior was not right. However, no criminal offenses have been established, “a police spokesman told

Realize that it is not right

Anuta also raised the incident on Instagram. “If you think he did nothing wrong, you are part of the problem. Saying nothing about it will not help stop such behavior. If they do not see that they are doing something wrong, they will go further.”


If you think this is right, you are part of the problem! AFP is stuck, thanks for shouting it out on the crowded plane! ## Not good

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