The woman was accidentally vaccinated rather than tested

A woman from Lansingerland was accidentally given the Pfizer vaccine when she was actually called for a test for a viral infection. Regional broadcaster writes that staff at the GGT site in Rotterdam did not check the hack airport woman’s data correctly Rigmund. As a result, she ended up on the injection line, not on the test line.

According to GGT Rotterdam-Rigmund, the woman did not read her appointment confirmation properly. She firmly believed that she should be vaccinated. When she arrived at the test site, she did not have to show that the appointment for the test had been confirmed. Thus, she ended up in the wrong hall.

That too went wrong there. At the vaccination registration table, the woman could not show the confirmation letter because she did not have one. The desk clerk sent the woman to save time because the computer systems were running slow. After vaccination, everything is processed.

The second vaccine

As soon as the shot was completed, the error was noticed. A doctor examined the woman. In terms of service, he performs better. He will get a second vaccination soon.

GGT says it is shocked by the incident. “If the registration had been done more carefully, the vaccination could not have taken place,” a spokesman told Rizmond.

“It shows how important it is that all actions are taken carefully. We have taken steps to prevent this from happening in the future.”

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