The World Cup hosts Australia and Norway Day women’s football

Wisden (DPA) – Australian criteria: The German national women’s team will test Wisden on Saturday (4.10 pm / ART), one of the most interesting teams in world football, after Belgium and the Netherlands became European champions at the start of the 2021 international tournament.

Modilda, as the Australians are called, has gradually advanced to the top of the world, so they are now one of the favorites in major tournaments – especially in 2023, when they host the World Cup with New Zealand. On Tuesday (4pm / ZF), the next strong contender in the German Football Association selection is waiting in Wisden with the Norwegians.

“Australia is an interesting opponent, we rarely play. They are physically strong, well-trained and have some great players,” said Martina Vos-Teklenberg, the team’s head coach. , After Modilda almost stumbled 2-0 down, was called up by Sarah Depretz, two minutes before the end of the opening round, when the Australians were happy to equalize on their own.

“This is a very high game,” Debritz says. “I don’t remember the game because of my goal.” PSG playmaker will also be important in Wisdom. In the absence of some regular players like Dzsenifer Marozsan you have to lead the young team. Overall, the German team is one step ahead. “The team has grown tremendously since the 2019 World Cup final. At 1: 2 in the Netherlands in February, we also saw that the nails still need to be twisted. We are heading to EM 2022 in the UK in an unfinished process.

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Samantha Kerr, who is currently playing for Chelsea against Australia with the best striker in the world and has recently learned of the Wolfsburg Wolfsburg fear in the Champions League, said the DFP needed to take advantage of their strength. “We should not engage in physical activity because we have problems. It is important for us to play without the ball, but they are direct and fast combos. The slogan for this match and the slogan against Norway next Tuesday: maximum and quality,” says Vos-Teklenberg.

Considering the many matches his national players have played from Bayern Munich and VFL Wolfsburg, the national coach wants to focus more on controlling pregnancy and accepting discounts. “We’re not going to ask for everything, so we don’t see everything,” Vos-Teklenberg says.

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