The World Cup is a great opportunity for Wales to show they are really different from England

Should star player Gareth Bale score for Wales against England on Tuesday, a song of praise will sound from dozens of Welsh throats at pub Syth Sirene in Wrexham: “Viva Gareth Bale / He said he had a bad back / F @ # $ the Union Jack / Viva Gareth Bale

The song was also broadcast last week, when Bale scored the 1-1 equalizer against the United States. Simon Johnson (48) and Mark Jones (60) sang heartily. There was great confidence at the time that Wales could finish. However, Wales then lost out to Iran and are now nearly eliminated.

He refused to play under the British flag

However, they continued to sing about Peel in Wrexham. After all, Bale is always there for Wales, says Jones. Singing after his goals signaled Bale’s withdrawal from the 2012 Olympic Games. For those games in London, footballers from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales were invited to make up the Great Britain team. Bill seems to like her at first, but later withdraws due to back problems. Maybe he really did. But Welsh fans interpreted it as a refusal to play under the British flag.

In football, the Welsh sense of rivalry with England is great – much greater than the other way around. And so the international match between Wales and England on Tuesday is as important as ever for Welsh fans. certainly also at Wrexham on the northern border with England; The city where the FAW was founded in 1876. “The match reminds the world that England and Wales are two different countries,” says Jones. As part of the United Kingdom, Wales has had a few international places to establish itself as a country. The World Cup is an opportunity.

Welsh fans watch Wales vs USA (1-1) at Saith Seren Pub.Nils Posthumus’s photo

His friend Johnson puts two pints of beer on the table at Saith Seren’s. For so long there was so little national cohesion between fans and players in the Welsh national team, it was nuance. A former star like Ryan Giggs would regularly skip international matches to focus on his football career at Manchester United. Football fans from across Wales are more likely to compete with each other during international matches than with opposing fans.

Welsh nationalism

The appearance of the current generation of Welsh foreigners less than a decade ago changed that. A close-knit team of friends who have been playing together since childhood has been created. It is no coincidence that they succeeded at a time when Welsh nationalism was on the rise. “The growing sense of national identity among the players has made Wales a better team,” said Jones. “Now the success of this team strengthens the national identity among the people.”

Because there was success, although disappointing results in the World Cup. Wales were semi-finalists at the 2016 European Championship. In 2021, the country once again participated in the final European Championship. And that the country’s participation now in the World Cup for the first time since 1958 is an achievement in itself.

Mark Jones Portrait of Niels Posthumus

Mark JonesNils Posthumus’s photo

‘Wales can be themselves in football’

The Welsh national football team has gradually taken over the status of the country’s premier sporting team from the highly successful national rugby team of the past. Pleases Jones and Johnson. “Wales presents itself in rugby like a stereotype,” says the latter. Like a folkloric country of farmers and miners, with a live goat as a mascot. “Rugby shows Wales the way England likes to see us take pity on them. In football, Wales can be themselves.”

Accompanied by a lot of passion, singing and beer. “We’re known for being a lot more social than the English fans,” says Jones. He laughs. “As soon as they see a plastic chair somewhere, the Englishmen immediately feel the need to throw it at the opposition supporters.”

Simon Johnson Niels statue after burial

Simon JohnsonNils Posthumus’s photo

However, Johnson and Jones feared that Wales would not prevail against its arch-rival. The latter says: “David stands against Goliath.” With a population of three million, Wales is the smallest country after Qatar to participate in the World Cup. And Johnson: “We’ve only won fourteen of our one hundred matches against England.” But if Wells wins… Jones: “Oh, that’s going to feel good.”

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