“The World Cup should not have been held in Qatar”

“Human rights and human life seem as important as sporting pleasure”

“in My Documentary Series In the shadow of the World Cup You can see that it was a good decision not to host the World Cup in Qatar. If the plug had to be pulled from a single championship, this was the World Championship.

There are many different reasons for this. It all started with bribing all FIFA officials, and it is also strange that the tournament has moved to winter because the temperature is 50 degrees in Qatar in summer. Moreover, there are the gross violations and human rights violations surrounding the construction of stadiums.

The fact that it continues shows that there is something fundamentally wrong with football and that it is all about the money. It is clear that human rights and human life are just as important as sporting pleasure. If some of the poorest people died in this whole process, we don’t seem to care much. Is there a fund to compensate the relatives of these? No, of course not, says FIFA. This is very painful, especially for someone who loves football.

I didn’t even mention the people and workers in Qatar who are underpaid, have a poor life, or have been deported to make room for the tournament. It’s also nonsense for the tournament to be climate neutral, the organization claims.”

“Actually, we should not send a dignitary, but an apprentice to the tournament”

“What else do you as a KNVB need to say: ‘Guys, we’re not into this?’ If you can make a strong statement, it is now. Some people argue that sport and politics are separate, but the two go hand in hand. Regulations exploit sport to bolster their legitimacy.

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Do not forget that the Netherlands and Qatar are playing against each other, the Emir of Qatar expects the King to sit next to him. The Netherlands is sending a government delegation to Qatar, and even the king may actually agree. What kind of signal are you sending to Qatar and other countries that do not consider human rights to be of paramount importance? In fact, we should not be sending a big character but an apprentice to the tournament.

I don’t think we should expect any big statements from the Orange players. The KNVB is tightly controlled and does the same thing Qatar does: check exactly where filming is allowed and which journalists are welcome. As a journalist who is not involved in sports, I am censored by the KNVB. I am not allowed to speak with the players and I am not welcome at press conferences. I was only able to speak to the national coach as he lowered his car window for me. KNVB is terrified of Qatar and so far it doesn’t want anyone to talk. Hopefully I will be found wrong during the tournament.”

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