The world-famous orange bus for the World Cup is being repaired in Qatar

The world-famous Orange bus, which has been carrying Orange supporters at major football matches since 2004, is preparing for a trip to Qatar. The World Cup will be held there this year. The double decker is now in the garage in Hilvarenbeek, where the bus is being completely repaired. Franz Peters, the regular driver from Samil, is optimistic about the Orange team’s playing opportunities after last Friday’s draw.

In fact, the most important things are on Frances’ mind right now. He took people from Ukraine. She still knows France at the European Football Championship in Ukraine ten years ago. “The people there are very hospitable and this is what you can do,” he says. Meanwhile, Ukrainian women offer some delicious snacks.

When referring to the World Cup, loving driving shines. France has been a regular driver of the Orange Bus since 2004. They asked because he was a truck driver. “You’re immersed in the excitement of the Orange supporters. At some point you will be in the consistent teams in each match and then you will be sold out.”

The orange bus goes by boat to Qatar. The bus lands at the port of Dubai and then continues for seven hundred kilometers. As an experienced driver, France did not lend a hand. Looking at the distance of the matches in South Africa and Brazil, nothing is clear.

Patch up
The bus will be repaired in the coming months. “Let’s do some repairs and get the bus ready for use. We put in a new engine last year, and that’s fine.” Criticism of Qatar as a World Cup country, which slips into France: “I do not agree with what happened there. But if you go there, you are not allowed to go to any country. Every country has something wrong with it, but it’s about football.” The grounds were built by guest staff in poor condition.

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When the draw comes, France starts laughing. “Normally we’m not lucky, but now luck is on our side. I do not know if this still goes wrong. We will skip the first round anyway. Then we’ll definitely make it to the semifinals.

France can be sure of one thing. The orange bus always generates more attention and excitement. People went crazy while going by bus in Brazil. In France, television crews from Australia and New Zealand thought the bus was special enough to get attention.

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